Success Story: Shifting from Litigation to a Corporate Career

Client's Background

Supriya Pathak is an advocate with 2 years of experience in civil litigation. She comes from a small city where litigation is dominant and that is the only choice after law graduation. She has not done any law firm/corporate internships during graduation so is not aware about the requirements and the overall process for securing a law firm/ in house legal counsel job.

Why did she contact Neeti Shastra?

“I have decided to shift from litigation to non litigation sector (general corporate sector, Intellectual property laws, banking and finance laws) and I want this shift to be well informed and smooth as it would be start of my professional career after litigation. I came across Neeti Shastra as a good platform who can help me with this as I’m naïve in this process.”

Issues she faced during her job search

Supriya found it really difficult to transition from a litigation to a non – litigation role.

These are the specific problems she was facing during her job search:

  • Did not know what skills should be highlighted in CV as well as cover letter.
  • Rarely got any response (positive/negative)
  • Unsure whether to first intern in the new field or apply for a job directly.
  • Not understanding how to grab the attention of recruiters.

How we helped her

Through a detailed 1:1 consultation, these are the specific points we dealt with: 

  • Unique Format: Her main work experience was not defined properly & there were many inconsistencies which we changed through a Recruiter-approved CV & Cover Letter format.
  • More Keywords: Her experiences were listed as vague bullets which we changed with impactful and relevant content.
  • Crisp Cover Letter: Major revision was done here including the addition of a unique paragraph to make her standout from other applicants.
  • LinkedIn Optimization: With Linkedin becoming the preferred platform for employers, personal branding & networking is the key to secure your dream job!


Supriya is happy with her new role!

This is where she is placed, currently- 

Current Role: In – House Legal Executive
Company: Kesar Lands Private Limited

Why she recommends Neeti Shastra

Supriya took a Service combo which included CV and CL Review, Career and growth mentorship and LinkedIn optimization. This is what she has to say about her experience with Neeti Shastra –

If you too, want a similar success story, check out the details of our consultation today! Click here.

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