Success Story: From a Non- NLU School to a Tier 1 Firm

Client's Background

Anjali Singh completed her Bachelor of Laws from Karnataka State Law University and was pursuing her LL.M from Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) and seeking job opportunities in the field of General Corporate.
She aims to target Tier 1 and 2 firms to kickstart her legal career.

Why did she contact Neeti Shastra?

“I genuinely needed guidance for my CV since I am at a crucial point of my career and I thought Neeti Shastra could be the best resort for the same.”

Issues she faced during her job search

Initially when Anjali drafted her resume and cover letter, she did not receive any offers.

These are the specific problems she was facing during her job search:

  • Not confident of her job application.
  • Missed details in her CV.
  • Unsure if she correctly mentioned her skills.

How we helped her

Through a detailed 1:1 consultation, these are the specific points we dealt with:

  • Shared a Recruiter- approved, NS exclusive format. 
  • Edited content to highlight experience in Corporate laws.
  • Prioritized skills to match the Job requirements.
  • Added necessary keywords to ensure higher acceptance rate.


Anjali was previously working as a Legal Executive at TMSL – Tax Technology Managed Services. 

This is where she is placed, currently- 

Current Role: Associate (Customs Litigation)
Company: Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan

Why she recommends Neeti Shastra

This is what Anjali had to say about our CV Drafting service.

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