Some people may succeed because they are destined to, but the majority of people succeed because they are determined to.

When it comes to securing assessment internships in our legal field, a bunch of confused questions revolve around. What exactly is a PPO, How to apply, where to apply, when to apply, how to secure some brownie points, pre-interview tips and the list goes on…

Neeti Shastra cares for the legal fraternity and our fellow legal scholars. After much deliberation, we present to you an open discussion session, “ROADMAP TO REACHING A LAW FIRM” especially for pre-final year students, final year students and fresh law graduates!

What we will discuss in the session-

-How to decide the practise area that you’ll pursue.

-How to approach a firm/HR for an assessment internship/PPO.

-Interview Questions and Preparation.

-How to approach/negotiate the salary as a fresher.

-How to impress and leave a mark on your seniors.

and much more.


Date: 30th October, 2021

Time: 5 PM onwards

How to register?

Just join our whatsapp group here:

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